Visitors Voucher Request

Event Vouchers Make Parking Easy

Visitors vouchers can be personalized to fit your specific time requirements and preferred parking location (depending upon availability) for your guests’ parking needs.

Use the form on the next page to place order for vouchers. All fields are required to finalize the request. Press "Submit" to complete the request. GT departments are required to purchase vouchers via PeopleSoft account number, 10-digit Document ID number and an account code.

Off-campus groups or organizations are required to pay via alternative method. Please select "visitor" under the appropriate parking location of the form and select method of payment in the "payment info summary". A representative will contact you with further instructions.

Once voucher request are fulfilled, an email will be sent to the requestor to confirm delivery. Vouchers can be picked up at our office, sent via campus mail or, in some cases, hand-delivered to your department, saving you time and effort.

*Vouchers expire after the time allotted in request. Vouchers are custom-made and are subject to processing fees for unused vouchers. Perpetual vouchers are non refundable.*

Questions? Contact the Parking Office at (404)385-4721.